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The old man looked like he was about sixty-years-old. He was skinny and had snow-white hair. He had on round sunglasses, bermudas, and slippers. It was the mysterious old man who had treated Gate to wine previously.


All right, your one true love was actually a prodigal, a super one at that—honestly speaking, he wondered what her expression would be like if she knew the truth.


The Tower of Trials practically attracted everyone’s attention, countless people shared on what the saw and heard. Of course, the biggest topic was naturally the mystery man who broke through all thirty levels.


“That’s obvious. Who else will I pester if not you?” Yin Tianzong said matter-of-factly. “Although you do not like me, I have no choice. We are Galaxy Aristocrats, and although we are highly respected, we have no friends. Other than my parents and your parents, my grandparents and your grandparents, I do not know anyone else. There isn’t even anyone to talk to! The idiots on our home planet do not like me and say that I am stupid. Who else will I look for if not you?”


Hehe, actually, I have some good news for you. The Bureau Chief suddenly smiled and then held out a handful of Dali beans from his pocket. Dali, look at this. I didnt think they would exist in the virtual world too. Haha.


Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.

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Particle-beam cannons with a caliber of more than a thousand meters killed tens of thousands of Zergs with each shot. Also, those Zergs at the back all flew towards the starships. But when they knocked onto the starship’s defense domes, they were all electrocuted. Only a few Zergs managed to land onto the starships safely and released their corrosive acids onto the starships!


“Eh, Brother Luo Qiang, what happened?” Once he saw Luo Qiang’s expression, Hong Dali was immediately amused. “What has happened to you? Your hair is messy and you have dark eye rings. What happened?”


“OK.” The Bureau Chief nodded and said, “I shall go over to Chuyin’s side and see how she’s doing.”


Although they wouldn’t tell others, they definitely had to ask about the rewards. Everyone was curious!


“What do you mean by only level 27? That’s already very impressive and awesome, okay? Of course, this time, the mysterious man’s achievement is even better than Duan Xuan’s. This is a cause to be happy for.”


He ran to a corner and started crying. If my Master had something like that, he wouldnt have lost to Duan Xuan Uh uh uh, I better go back first. Uh uh uh


As they talked, Hong Dalis communication device rang. When it was connected, Jiang Qianxues voice could be heard from the other end. Dali, where are you? Im out.



He thought about it for a long time, then his eyes suddenly lit up. He slapped his leg. I remember now! I think there were quite a lot of people looking to do business with me!



“Damn it.” One of the captains was looking at the holographic projection of the scene outside. On the projection, a Zerg army that flooded their sight. He cursed and scolded. “These damned bugs, why did they appear here? And there’s so many of them! This is close to the scale of a Zerg tide!”


Hence, Tianyi subconsciously moved to the side and quietly stood in front of Jiang Qianxue. Then, he laughed. This brother looks skilled. How many levels did you pass in the Tower of Trials? There should be no problem for you to pass above twenty levels, right?


However, there was no choice. Missions had always been this way. If there was a reward, there should be a penalty too. It was normal.

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